The Many Benefits of Pole Dancing

The Many Benefits of Pole Dancing
By Anna Brown

Pole dancing is more than an exotic dance form. It is a combination of gymnastics, ballet and modern dance moves performed around a pole. It provides a powerful workout that is enjoyable and makes a woman feel very feminine. Using a variety of tricks and moves women have created dance routines that are captivating to a variety of audiences. The flowing movements often include a floor routine and some filler moves but it takes practice to perfect these moves.

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Your pole dancing routine will be different than anyone else’s and you should experiment with a variety of moves to find the ones that are best suited for you. There are a variety of reasons a person may decide to try pole dancing but there are definite benefits of pole dancing that everyone will enjoy.

The art of exotic dancing has evolved from something that was once thought of as trashy and cheap to an art form that is more appreciated for its creative movements, strength and endurance. These dances are appreciated by men and women alike. You will find audiences totally captivated as they watch the graceful flowing movements of the pole dancer. It can be compared to the work of the rope performers that you might see at a circus. Perhaps this is what has made it more acceptable for modern audiences.

The flowing movement of pole dancing makes women feel confident, stronger and provides an overall feeling of well being. It has become a form of exercise that combines stretching major muscle groups with aerobics and gymnastics that helps tone and strengthen the entire body. All forms of dancing are a good calorie burner but the toning and definition of muscles in the arms, thighs and buttocks will occur much faster with pole dancing exercises.

After trying it for the first time, many people feel it is a much more satisfying way to get exercise and keep fit than using the exercise bike or treadmill. Besides burning calories it increases flexibility, posture and overall fitness. Most of all it is a lot of fun and suitable for every figure, age or fitness level. The good news is you will get better with practice but you don’t need any special skills to get started.

Once thought of as something done in strip clubs and not acceptable for a respectable woman, pole dancing has evolved into an accepted form of exercise and fun for many women. With removable dancing poles women are making parties more fun by getting everyone involved. Many women are also earning a full time income by sharing their skills and providing in home pole dancing classes.

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Combine the physical benefits of pole dancing with the emotional benefits of a good workout and you have the perfect workout for every woman.

Women have been performing exotic dance routines for thousands of years. Men are fascinated by it and women benefit from performing. Exotic dancing provides a powerful workout while increasing a woman’s confidence and self image. Learn more about pole dancing [] and all the benefits it has to offer. Read all of our articles on self improvement at: []

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