Best Golf Laser Rangefinders

Best Golf Laser Rangerfinders

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Anyone serious about the great sport of golf should consider investing in a good quality Laser Rangefinder.

The best Golf Laser Rangefinders will help to improve your confidence on the course.

They do this by providing accurate distance information to features such as bunkers and trees.

All golfing Rangefinders use a laser to scan the landscape and calculate the distance to your chosen point to within a coupe of yards.

Armed with this information you can better judge your shot with deadly aim and accuracy.

Check out our selection of the best Golf Laser Rangefinders below, or see the full range available from Amazon here.

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✅ Our WINNER Of Best Golf Laser Rangefinders

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

  • Measures distances up to 540 yards to an impressive 1 yard accuracy
  • 6 X magnification and focus adjustment provide excellent clarity
  • Advanced pin-sensor is perfect for measuring overlapping objects such as in wooded areas
  • Provides almost instant measurement in either yards or meters
  • Both water and dust resistant and includes a high quality carrying case


The Rest of the Best Golf Laser Rangefinders

Gogogo Laser Rangefinder for GolfGogogo Laser Rangefinder for Golf


  • Features Angle Range Compensation for accurate uphill and downhill shots
  • Accurate distance measurement and vibrates when locked onto a flagpole
  • An impressive range of features at a very affordable price


Callaway EZ Scan Golf Laser RangefinderCallaway EZ Scan Golf Laser Rangefinder


  • Measures up to 800 yards with a high level of accuracy
  • LCD display on the exterior to confirm the distance displayed in the lens
  • Features integrated magnets to attach the unit to your golf cart


PEAKPULSE Golf Laser RangefinderPEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder


  • Flag acquisition filters out background objects for an accurate lock-on
  • Measures distances up to 500 yards with a 6 X magnification
  • Battery-saving feature shuts the unit down after a period of inactivity


Nikon Coolshot 20 GII Golf Laser RangefinderNikon Coolshot 20 GII Golf Rangefinder


  • Industry leading Nikon optics provide a bright and clear image display
  • Locks on to multiple targets with first target priority mapping
  • Increased range of up to 800 yards with superior accuracy and reliability


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